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New photoshoot !

Hurry there @ Ryan Merriman Web to enjoy a brand new photoshoot.

The photos are gorgeous :)



Wild Cherry dvd release + new trailer

Wild Cherry will be released on Region 4 DVD in Australia on August 25th !
Pre-order your copy now @ ezydvd.au.

More info about the dvd can be found here, along with a new trailer :)


My Hometown videos

If you have regularly checked the page of My Hometown on facebook you might have noticed two videos : one mentioning Ryan and one with Ryan.
If you haven't seen them yet, go there to watch them ^^


Pretty Little Liars tonight !

Don't forget to watch Pretty Little Liars tonight !
Ryan will be in it and he will actually get to talk this time ^^

Here's a promo for the episode :

Under the cut you can watch a sneak peak for the episode. You can see Ryan in the background :)

Sneak PeakCollapse )


Pretty Little Liars tonight !

Don't forget to watch Pretty Little Liars today on ABC Family. It's Ryan's episode ^^


New Project : My Hometown

Ryan has a brand new project that he is currently filming in Boston.

After spending eight years in high school, Richard Dixon, must graduate, but can’t seem to pass on his own. Then, his teacher assigns him an extra curricular project that, if done properly, will allow him to pass.

Here is an article about it. And another one, including pictures.

You can keep track of the movie on facebook, imdb and Jomar Motion Picture.


Pretty Little Liars

Here's the trailer for Ryan's episode in Pretty Little Liars :

More previews under the cutCollapse )


Flower Pot Banger

hey guys go to youtube and check out ryan merriman pot banger..me jumping the flower pots outside staple center...and a lil tipsy..ha

His twitter account

And here's the video :



Sons of the Fallen

News about Sons of the Fallen !

Here's a video interview with Ryan by the Oklahoman. He talks a lot about Sons of the Fallen and a bit about his other projects.

Here's an article (including a new photo !) talking about Ryan in Sons of the Fallen.

Don't forget to check you're local theatre to know if they're going to air Sons of the Fallen on may 18th ! It's going to be the only airing. Don't miss it.